Adrian Rodriguez

YellowFinch, Inc.
SI360 Alum

Adrian Rodriguez currently serves as CTO of YellowFinch, Inc., a smart-enterprise startup developing IoT load sensors to prevent snowfall-induced roof collapse. Adrian also leads Interaction Design at TouchRead Technologies, an assistive technology startup developing a tactile pixel standard for digitally rendering graphs and images to visually impaired consumers. Prior to co-founding YellowFinch and joining TouchRead, Adrian founded QRist, a software company that developed mobile, wearable, and web applications for remote hospitals and mobile clinics. Adrian also interned at Palantir Technologies, where he co-designed technology to enable California’s first Social Impact Bond. 

A former Compass Fellow, Mentor, and Regional Director, Adrian received a Kenneth Cole Awearness Grant in 2013, the stimulus to which he owes much of his entrepreneurial journey.  

Adrian holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.