Hannah Jacobson Blumenfeld

Co-Executive Director
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

Hannah is the Co-Executive Director of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), a community-based arts nonprofit organization located in Washington, DC with a mission of building community through the arts.  Her work experience spans the highly local to the national (Americans for the Arts, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Society for the Arts in Healthcare), and has been focused on building communications systems to support strategic alliances across sectors, including the not-for-profit social sector, local government, federal government, local small business, and startup community in DC. Combining the diverse perspectives of project management, strategic outreach, grant writing, partnership-building, and research and writing, Hannah has gained a deep and broad understanding of the highly interconnected roles that the private, public, and government sectors play in DC, with the unique lens of how arts and cultural businesses can be successfully integrated into positive community development. In her current role as Co-Executive Director of CHAW, Hannah is working to drive positive change in DC by engaging with disparate communities to foster more creative and entrepreneurial approaches to partnerships and growth.