George A. Chmael II

George Chmael II is a world-renowned management consultant who has spent 25+ years working with clients on a full breadth of economic, environmental and social issues.  He has counseled leading U.S. and international organizations in the mechanics of transitioning to sustainable operations to accomplish economic growth while simultaneously creating environmental and social value.  These organizations include leading non-profits such as Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Fund, and Marine Stewardship Council; multilateral and governmental entities such as World Bank, U.S. Army, USEPA, and NOAA; philanthropic organizations including Walton Family Foundation, Oak Foundation, and Oceans 5, and multinational corporations such as China Light and Power, AES, NRG and many others.
Trained as a lawyer and sustainability specialist, George possesses extensive expertise in a variety of areas including sustainable business, social entrepreneurism, impact investment, community redevelopment, stakeholder engagement, and organizational assessment and improvement processes.  George is a leader and visionary in the global movement toward a more sustainable and inclusive economy. He is among a select group of business entrepreneurs chosen to grow the B Corporation movement worldwide as a B Ambassador, he leads a collaboration of private sector entities working to expand sustainable businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region, and he has guided his sustainability consultancy, Council Fire, to numerous designations as a “Best For The World” B Corporation. In his “free time,” George created and leads SustainaFest, an innovative non-profit leveraging art and entertainment to advance sustainability education. 
George previously held leadership positions with EcoLogix Group and Chesapeake Bay Foundation and was also an environmental litigator with Gager & Henry in New England. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, a Board of Directors member for numerous public interest organizations including the Maryland-Asia Environmental Partnership, Maryland League of Conservation Voters and SustainaFest, and has lectured and written extensively on sustainability issues.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut, a Juris Doctorate from George Washington University National Law Center, and a Masters of Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island.