Han Jing


Mr. Han Jing is Deputy Secretary General of YouChange and CEO and Co-founder of HJ Times Technology Co., Ltd. He is 2015 annual public welfare individual of China and a leader of young entrepreneur. He received Top 10 China Youth Social Entrepreneurship of International Labor Organization in 2015 and presented in Nanjing International Youth Day. He also represented China in the Davos World Economic Forum.

Mr. Han Jing is a successful serial entrepreneur. He was CEO and Co-founder of Ao Lei Sen Marketing Company Co., Ltd, Entertainment Marketing Vice Manager of Huayi Brothers Media and CEO and Co-founder of Run Du Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Han Jing has achieved a certain influence in the field of advertising, marketing, social public and Internet. He received China Top 10 Creative Director of Real Estate in 2003, China's Television Advertising Elite Award in 2006, Advanced Earthquake Relief Individual of National Poverty Alleviation System and Advanced Earthquake Relief Individual of Shifang City in 2008. He set up Yi Shan Jie (a mobile app) in 2012 and won Best User Experience Award of Analysis International.

Mr. Han Jing is dedicated to solving the social issues by commercial method and empowering every single person to support easily. He started HJ Times Technology which launched Warm For China (a mobile app for non-profits micro-fundraising) and become the represent of social innovation of China. He also won Special Award of the 3rd China Charity Fair in 2014 and Annual Public Welfare Program of the 5th China Charity Festival.

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