Verena Radulovic

Product Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (ENERGY STAR Program)


Verena Radulovic, leads the process for strengthening energy efficiency specifications for consumer electronics under the ENERGY STAR® label, promoting greater energy efficiency across 60+ million products sold in the U.S. annually. At EPA since 2004, she has primarily worked with stakeholders to develop more environmentally sustainable products, reduce businesses’ carbon footprints, and improve sustainability throughout their global supply chains. She led EPA’s engagement with small businesses to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, worked with large electronics manufacturers and retailers to develop programs for consumers to recycle their electronics, and provided technical expertise to standards to differentiate environmentally preferable products in the electronics, textiles and furniture sectors.  Prior to joining EPA, she worked at the Environmental Law Institute to integrate pollution prevention measures into project financing of global mining operations. Ms. Radulovic holds a Master’s Degree in International Development and Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Indiana University.

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