Enzo Obeso

Founder, Ventir, LLC


Enzo is the founder of Ventir which is a company that provides creators and adventure seekers with stylish, high-quality, and durable active lifestyle products that focus on functionality and provide protection for the equipment any adventure demands. 

  • Defines and communicates the image of the brand and its products directly to its target consumers through the company website (ventircreates.com), email campaigns(mail@ventircreates.com), and social media outlets (@ventircreates)
  • Works with product designers from Kenneth Cole Productions and freelance designers to develop specialized products that adapt to the lifestyle of adventure seekers and creators
  • Produced A/B test to enhance the user experience design of the company website and analyze the click-through rate for the company store, blog, and information pages. 
  • Creates personal visual content to be used for the company’s website, email, and social media outlets to attract target consumers to our brand and products as well as share the visual aesthetic the company identifies.

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