Courtney Snowden

Deputy Mayor, Greater Economic Opportunity


Courtney R. Snowden, formerly a Principal at The Raben Group, relied upon a wealth of grassroots organizing, electoral, and policy experience to work for her clients. An accomplished political strategist, Ms. Snowden worked with the firm’s corporate and non-profit clients to help them identify and reach their policy goals through direct lobbying, strategic planning and coalition building, and by developing and implementing effective legislative and public relations message campaigns.

Prior to joining The Raben Group, Ms. Snowden served as the senior lobbyist for the National PTA, directing their advocacy efforts on a variety of legislative issues including budget and appropriations, vouchers, and No Child Left Behind. In addition to serving as the face of PTA on Capitol Hill, in the White House and before the relevant federal agencies, Courtney led an effort to mobilize PTA’s six million members and effectively prepare them to serve as competent citizen activists on behalf of “every child, with one voice.” During her tenure at National PTA, she chaired the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE), a coalition comprised of more than fifty education, civic, civil rights and religious organizations devoted to defeating state and federal efforts to create publicly funded private school voucher programs and tuition tax credits.

In the realm of electoral politics, Courtney directed minority outreach efforts during the final two weeks in John Cranley’s 2006 bid to unseat incumbent Rep. Steve Chabot in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District. In 2004, Courtney served as the Director of Communications and Detroit Field Operations for the “No On 2” Campaign, the organized effort to defeat the anti-gay marriage initiative in Michigan. She also lent her expertise to the Karen Thurman for Congress campaign in 2002 and to the Tammy Baldwin for Congress campaign in 2000.

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