Gail Levy

Founder, HFACTOR


Gail Levy is recognized for her extensive seasoned domestic and international experience and expertise in retail, wholesale, design, brand marketing, product development, sales, e-commerce and style and market trends in US, Western Europe, and Asia. She was vitally involved in product sourcing, design, fashion forecasting, and sales. She is well acquainted with most major players in all sides of the market, is an authoritative and respected speaker on matters from product development, e-commerce, retail management, sales, green initiatives and motivation. 

Ms. Levy just launched an innovative water, HFACTOR Hydrogen rich water. She has been working the last two years on developing the efficacy of molecular hydrogen as it pertains to health and wellness. It is ground breaking as it may help ameliorate anything to do with inflammation which we know now is the root of so many diseases. 

She is an expert in all facets of Asian production and manufacturing for both ready to wear and home and garden products. She set up and managed operations in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam and is proficient in making sure they are up to world standards and safety issues. Her pulse on upcoming trends and brand merchandising is razor sharp and industry executives remark at her “crystal ball” abilities. Her vast background in horticulture has made her an industry spokesperson.

Ms. Levy was the Founder of the White House Millennium Green Committee and launched the campaign to promote the greening of America. She led the White House initiative shepherded by First Lady Hillary Clinton, and was honored at a formal ceremony, December 1999, in Washington, DC. Gail was appointed Florida Chairwoman of the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF), a division of the Democratic National Committee. She has planned , organized and raised monies for large grass-root fund-raisers for presidential, senatorial, and congressional campaigns.

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